esus Christ is the Bridegroom get ready,as soon as you can the time is to the end. Rev 19:5-7

esus Christ is the Lord.

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May God bless you beloved, it gives us great pleasure to welcome you to Tsaphnath Kazadi ministries, a Mystery of Bride Revealed church. ‘MBRC’ is a Bible believing christian church that believe in end message according to Revelation 10:7

Its foundation rooted in the Revelation of God for is bride, the church started on the 23 December 2014 in Goodwood , 54 Riebeeck street in  Cape Town South Africa.

Our vision is to conquer the world for Jesus - Christ trough the Revelation of Jesus - Christ to is Bride with a defined mission to bring exact position of bride through the Word  in the church of Christ. To expand the borders of the Kingdom of God through Evangelism of Ending time.

From 2014, this ministry has since grown to  hundreds of people and spread throughout the country the good news of God.

Tsaphnath Kazadi Ministries prepare the Evangelist to enter all corner of world with a pure message of Jesus - Christ, with a mandate to empty hell and fill up heaven, we believe that Jesus commissioned each and every one of us to spread his good news TKM is family of Disciples of Christ , TK Ministries is Interdenominational Church. We focus on building up Disciples Rather than filling up Chairs.

Please visit our Branch nears you, we welcome you with love of the Lord to follow us on Facebook and You tube.

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Welcome to TKM