esus Christ is the Bridegroom get ready,as soon as you can the time is to the end. Rev 19:5-7

esus Christ is the Lord.

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Our Pastor & Prophet

Know your Pastors

Meet the anointed tools a vessels of Mystery of Bride Revealed church (MBRC).

Prophet Tsaphnath Kazadi is the founder and General of Tsaphnath Kazadi Ministries by God’s grace is a bible scholar and renowned as International preacher from different platforms around the World.

General overseer

Prophet Tsaphnath Kazadi

Through his ministry, people are saved, healed, delivered, testified, we see a families restored and many miracle have taken place. He is a coach, mentor, father and leader among leaders, as a spiritual father to many he also submitted to is father in the Lord Jesus : Rev. Pastor Nathan Johnrock in cape Town/ RSA. Prophet Tsaphnath is also know for his humble and continue to set standard for Excellence in Ministry. He is also an accomplished hard worker and is platform is market place. He married to his beautiful wife Celine Mbombo, the serves with him in ministry.

Prophetess Celine Kazadi

Prophetess Celine Kazadi is the first lady of TKM, one phrase that describes her accurate in good comprehension and love of God. Although young at heart she is very mature in the spirit and  dearly loved by all. Despite her petite stature she is a spiritual giant born to pastors and brand in a Christian home and never compromised from it she has been married to Prophet Tsaphnath Kazadi on 2014, for 4 years now and they are still growing strong one appeals to both young and old and is affectionately known as “Madame MC Kazadi”.